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Conference Guidelines

This year will be the first time in BritGrad’s twenty-plus year history that the entire conference will take place online. Whilst the events of 2020 have undoubtedly made many of us turn to technology to connect with each other more than we have at any other time in our lives, the confidence and abilities of everyone wanting to access BritGrad online this year are not something the committee is taking for granted. That’s why we’ve put together this set of guidelines and glossary: to ensure everyone who wants to take part in BritGrad in its inaugural online-only iteration is able to do so as easily as possible. This page will be added to as often as necessary as we continue to prepare for the conference, but if there’s anything you think we’ve missed then please get in touch at and we’ll make any necessary amendments.

BritGrad 2020 will be taking place entirely using the video conferencing platform Zoom. By now it’s very likely that you’ll at least have heard of Zoom, even if you haven’t used it before. Every session during this year’s BritGrad will take place as a Zoom video conference, and we’ll be releasing further details of exactly how this will work closer to the start of the conference. In order to take part in BritGrad, you’ll need to download Zoom to your computer, tablet or smartphone – it’s completely free for you to use. For more information about Zoom, and to download the application in preparation for the conference, head to


Online conference etiquette

Below we’ve outline the ‘etiquette’ those attending BritGrad online this year will be expected to follow, as well as including some tips for how to get the most out of using Zoom during the conference:

  • Chat box: The chat box function is an extremely valuable resource as it enables live discussion alongside presentations, without interrupting them. If you would like to have the chat box as a permanent side bar rather than speech bubbles sporadically appearing on your screen, you can hover over the bottom of your Zoom screen and click on ‘Chat’. You can save the chat conversation at any time by clicking on the three little dots at the bottom right-hand side of the chat box and selecting ‘Save Chat’.

  • Zoom View: There are two available options. ‘Gallery View’ displays all participants in the meeting. When the presentations begin, you might prefer switching to ‘Speaker View’ which will display the current speaker more prominently. You can switch between the two options by hovering over the top right-hand corner of your Zoom screen.

  • Audio and Visual: Once the presentations begin, please remain muted. There is no obligation to turn on your webcam unless you feel comfortable to do so. You can find the audio and visual options to the bottom left of your Zoom screen.

  • Q&A: During the Q&A, you may indicate your desire to ask a question by using the ‘raise hand’ function which you can find at the bottom of your Zoom screen under ‘Reactions’ → ‘Clap’ or ‘Thumbs Up’. The Event Chair will then unmute you so that you are able to ask your question. Alternatively, you may type your question in the Chat Box and the Event Chair can relay it to the speaker.  

  • Recording: Please note that, unless the speakers have expressed otherwise in their registration forms, these sessions will be recorded. You will each receive a notification on your screens when the recording is about to begin and will then have the option to either continue or leave the meeting. We would like to reiterate that everybody has the right to veto the decision to record their presentation.

  • Privacy: Each recording will be password-protected and only viewable by registered attendees of BritGrad Festival 2020. The recording will be available to view for seven days, after which point the link will expire. We will send links and passwords for each recording to individual email addresses and politely request that these are not shared with anybody not registered for the Festival. You should also keep in mind that these recordings will be held by the organising committee in readiness for possible deposit in the Shakespeare Institute Library for advertising for future BritGrads. Consent will always be obtained before any such action is taken.

Details on the 2023 British Graduate Shakespeare Conference will be announced soon!

Britgrad  2023 aims to continue our hybrid conference format in order to ensure wider accessibility and range of international scholarship. Details are still being confirmed, but please keep an eye on this space for further information in the coming months.

A statement regarding the format of our 2022 conference can be found here.
Please find accessibility information for the Shakespeare Institute here.

For anyone new to the online conference format, please take a look at our
online attendance guidelines.
Here you can find tips and guidance to ensure BritGrad 2023 is fully accessible and enjoyable for all!

All information regarding on-site procedures and guidelines will be sent to in-person delegates via email. Please contact the committee directly if you have not received this.

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