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Top 10 things to do in Stratford-Upon-Avon

By Saraya Haddad (Co-Chair 2024)

Looking for some touristy things to do in Stratford-Upon-Avon while you're in town for BritGrad? Or are you wanting to avoid all the touristy things and do as the locals do? Either way, I've got you covered! I have lived in Stratford since 2019, and this is my tried and tested list of the best things to do. 

Shakespeare's Birthplace, New Place, Anne Hathaway's Cottage, and Shakespeare's burial place


Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Henley Street

Shakespeare’s New Place, 22 Chapel Street

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, 22 Cottage Lane, Shottery 

Shakespeare’s Burial place, Holy Trinity Church, 1 Old Town 

I couldn't make this list without opening with the obvious. If you haven't done it, it's definitely worth visiting some or all of these. My personal favourite is Anne Hathaway's Cottage, it feels like a quintessential British experience strolling down to Shottery village (ten mins walk from town centre) and seeing the beautiful house and garden, followed by a trip to quintessential British pub: The Bell. For more on pubs, restaurants and cafes, you can read this article I wrote. For those wanting to pay homage to Shakespeare (or what is left of him: his buried bones are famously missing his head), go and see his grave and the beautiful architecture of Holy Trinity Church. 

Everyman cinema

Location: Bell Court 

Everyman cinema, while a little pricey (they do however offer student discounts), is definitely worth a trip. This vintage style cinema is equipped with plush sofas and armchairs, as well as all the classic  movie food and drink (think popcorn, ice-cream, burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes and retro sweets) one could want, delivered by table service. If your social battery is running low, or you just fancy a bit of relaxation, Everyman is absolutely the place to go. You can view their listings here

The Rother Street Market

Location: Rother Street 

Found by The Shakespeare Memorial Fountain every Friday and Saturday from 9am-4pm we have the Rother Street market. Support local businesses as they sell a range of items, from fragrant cuisine to sweet treats, to crystals for the astrology girlies and a range of antiques. Even if you just fancy some window shopping, this is definitely worth a visit. 

Stratford-upon-Avon Antiques Centre

Location: 59-60 Ely Street 

Speaking of antiques, some of the most eclectic items can be found when paying a visit to see all things weird and wonderful at Stratford's Antiques Centre. While there, pop round the corner and visit Razzle Dazzle, a doll-house sized vintage jewellery shop with pearls and colours galore; owned by a wonderful lady, who may in fact be the friendliest person I have ever met. Or if you're feeling mystical, why not get your tarot read by the resident medium at Any Witch Way. 

A riverside stroll, or a trip up the hills

You cannot visit Shakespeare's hometown without going for a stroll by the river Avon. My favourite walk is following the river from the same side as the RSC, which leads you to a haven of fields, the odd canal boat rolling by and even the occasional sheep. I strongly recommend paying a visit to Bobby's cafe (a fabulously converted old-fashioned train carriage) if you take a walk around here. If you want to venture even further into the English countryside a walk around the Welcombe Hills is a must. Last time I went I spotted deers, rabbits and even a frog. To find out more about Stratford's best walks, read this article

Stratford Butterfly Farm

Location: Swan’s Nest Lane 

While we are on the subject of all creatures great and small (apologies for the primary school flashbacks), Stratford's Butterfly Farm is a greenhouse kaleidoscopically filled to the brim with butterflies. There is even a section with creepy crawlies, including snakes and spiders... so be warned. Alternatively, if you would like to visit some fluffier creatures, visit Shakespaw Cat Cafe, which you can read all about in my article here

Magic Alley

Location: 1st Floor, Bell Court 

Self-described as 'Stratford's most magical attraction', this 'spellbinding emporium' is the perfect place for those into magic, wizardry and all things enchanting. They also host regular events such as tarot readings and murder mysteries, check out their website to find out more.

Escape Live

Location: 31 Greenhill Street 

Fancy immersing yourself in Shakespeare's world with an Elizabethan escape room experience? Book a visit to Escape Live and use your detective skills to find Shakespeare's lost play. Alternatively, if you want a break from Shakespeare: book in to become a wizard or witch in the fantastical Chalice of Champions, and decode the mystery to undo an ancient curse. 

Escape to the river

Fancy a boat trip along the river Avon? Whether you would prefer to be driven in a motorised vehicle or paddle yourself along the water in a wooden vessel amongst the swans, nothing says "summer in Stratford" like a trip down the river. You can find out more here

The Royal Shakespeare Company

Location: Waterside 

Fancy seeing Shakespeare's plays brought to life? Join us on our Britgrad outing on the evening of Thursday 13th June to see the raucous Merry Wives of Windsor at the RSC. While the tickets sold directly through us at Britgrad have sold out, the RSC still have tickets left, so try and book a ticket through them.

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