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Online Conference Guidelines

Online Etiquette/ What to Expect

The online panels will be available through Zoom links (sent to ticket holders via email). These will give you access to all panels and plenaries. Simply check the schedule to see which room your session is in, click the link, and enjoy!

When in a Zoom Room, we ask that anyone not presenting please turn off their cameras and microphones. This helps everyone to focus on the speakers and their papers and avoids any issues with bandwidth and dropped connections. If you are struggling to do this, please check with the committee members present and they will be happy to help.

We really hope the panels and plenaries we have this year will stimulate your curiosity and that you have lots of questions for each speaker. If you wish to ask a question, you can post this in the meeting’s chat and during the dedicated question and answer session the panel’s chair will read these out. If you wish to ask your question verbally, you can use the “Raise Hand” function or gesture awkwardly with your camera on and the panel chair will prompt you to ask your question when it’s your turn.

As you will notice, we have a jam-packed schedule this year, so it’s really important that we keep as close to time as possible. If you are delivering a paper, please arrive in the relevant Zoom room 10 minutes before your start time. This means that we can make sure any PowerPoints/audio-visual elements of your paper are working.

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